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Welcome to Udny and Pitmedden Parish Church
Gert Janse van Rensburg preached as Sole Nominee n Sunday, 13th September in Pitmedden Church.
This Sunday, Sepember 20th, the voting slips received during the week will be counted and the result of the ballot announced as soon as possible.

Udny & Pitmedden Parish Church - Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland Head Office had decided that church services should be cancelled from 17th March 2020 until further notice in order to help minimise the risk of spreading the Coronavirus.
Both Udny Green and Pitmedden churches would be closed and all church events wold be cancelled until it was considered safe to resume normal services.
The good news is that restrictions are being eased
and we shall be able to worship together on September 6th
providing we follow guidelines issued by the Church of Scotland.
Please click here to read important information about these guidelines.
Posted September 3rd 2020

The charge of Udny & Pitmedden has been vacant for a while and so normal services are not quite as normal as we would have liked them to be. We are in the process of inviting the Reverend Gert Janse van Rensburg to preach as sole nominee. With all the current restrictions concerning meeting in large numbers in enclosed spaces, a conventional service is out of the question but, God willing, an alternative solution will be found.
Please click here to read a Church of Scotland Edict regarding the invitation to the Rev Gert van Rensburg to preach as sole nominee in Pitmedden Church.
Posted August 30th 2020

Please note that you cannot register your vote for the proposed new minister until AFTER you have heard the candidate preach,
either in person or online.
Any voting papers returned before 11am on 13th September may be considered null and void.

We are still very fortunate to have Alicia Forsyth ministering to us at this time as well as having the Reverend Will Stalder from a neighbouring parish watching over us as our interim moderator.
If you would like to learn more about the parish please visit the
Vacancy page
to see the parish profile.

Messages for us all from Alicia.

https://youtu.be/XeVwhf9ITCY Message for the 20th September
https://youtu.be/IbensGlujPE Message for the 6th September
https://youtu.be/79c77O6dmS8 Message for the 30th August
https://youtu.be/Wte29wPMO5s Message for the 23rd August
https://youtu.be/Lze9g8XBeEI Message for the 16th August
https://youtu.be/o1MZRAC5eEM Message for the 9th August
https://youtu.be/8gH4JO154mQ Message for the 2nd August
https://youtu.be/FRO-kpylNG8 Message for the 19th July
https://youtu.be/hA09Qms84Ts Message for the 12th July
https://youtu.be/Dls0LBYPtnQ Message for the 5th July
https://youtu.be/Dls0LBYPtnQ Message for the 28th June

The full text of the messages from our interim moderator, Rev Will Stalder and the Moderator of the General Assembly can be seen by clicking below.

Thankfully, social distancing doesn't apply to God.
He is right there next to you, helping you, always.

Letter from Rev Will Stalder
Letter from the Moderator of the Church of Scotland

We are a Church of Scotland congregation in Aberdeenshire. Our churches are in the villages of Udny Green and Pitmedden in the north-east of Scotland, in God's beautiful countryside 20 minutes drive from the city of Aberdeen. We would love to have you join us for church this weekend but as you all know, you cannot. On these pages you can find more information about our services, events, and our organisations. We do hope you find this website a friendly and personal introduction to our parish. However, we do realise that this is just a website and the best way to get to know us is to come along when the current restrictions and social distancing are a fading memory.
We promise you a very warm welcome and look forward to seeing you soon.
To hear previous Sunday's messages go to the Audio Sermons page and pick a message from the pull-downlist.

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Thy Kingdom Come 2020


If you would like to talk to us about weddings at either Udny Green or Pitmedden churches please go to the Contact Us tab. Have a look in Galleries to see what the churches look like. Pitmedden was modernised some time ago to give us flexibility whereas Udny Green remains as a very traditional building on the village green.

All services are currently cancelled due to the Coronavirus precautions
1st Sunday of the month at Udny Green at 10.00 am
All other Sundays - Pitmedden Church at 10.00 am

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Gordon Presbytery - Congregational Number 331996- Scottish Charity Number SC006056