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Udny and Pitmedden Parish Church - Church of Scotland

Gift Aid
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Making the most of your offering .... By giving Gift Aid.

About Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, paying income tax and/or captial gains tax, you can make your offerings to Udny & Pitmedden Parish Church worth 22 per cent or more, at no extra cost to you. For every 1 you donate, we can claim an extra 28p from the Inland Revenue.

Why should this be done?

By completing a Gift Aid Declaration Form this ensures the Church receives more income because the tax you have paid on your offering is refunded.

How does it work?

Simply complete a Gift Aid Declaration Form. You can give your offerings, through Offering Envelopes, by cheque or by bank standing order.

Where do I get a Gift Aid Declaration Form?

You can either download the form below, complete it and return it to your Elder

Click here to download Gift Aid Declaration Form

What happens now?

The Gift Aid Convenor  will do the rest, claiming the tax refund on the congregation's behalf.


Should you have any queries please e-mail gift-aid@uppc.org.uk