Welcome to Udny & Pitmedden Parish Church website.

This website has been designed to introduce our Church to the residents of Udny & Pitmedden, other areas in Aberdeenshire and you never know, Christians from other parts of the world may view our site. This website has also been designed for you.
You may have already had a look around the site, if not you will find all sorts of information, from history of our churches, details of church events, the monthly (well...almost) letter from our Minister. However this particular webpage has been designed for Udny & Pitmedden Church Members.
In order to make this an exciting and interesting page for Church Members, we need to make sure we are always adding new articles.
This is where you can have your say.
We need new articles to keep your site up to date!
Perhaps you think we have forgotten something, if there is anything you would like to add or suggest please contact Bernard Hartley on webmaster@uppc.org.uk.
Remember this is your website!



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