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Youth for Christ


David and Rebecca have been our mission partners our mission partners for a while working in the Nkhoma Hospital in Malawi. Below is their latest newsletter and a link to their blog.


Where is Nkhoma ? click here



David & Rebecca Morton – Malawi

January 2016

c/o Nkhoma Hospital, PO Box 48, Nkhoma, Malawi


Dear Friends and Family,

We arrived back at Nkhoma on January 7th. Our time in the States was restful and encouraging. We had good family times at Thanksgiving and Christmas, caught up with friends, were ministered to in worship with supporting congregations, and able to explore possible new partnerships. We had many opportunities to share our work and life at Nkhoma Hospital, and are very grateful for the continuing encouragement, prayer and financial support so many of you have given. We left Nkhoma in November not knowing how the hospital would get through the rest of the year financially, but we saw God’s provision through your generosity. On arrival, we have not found any dramatic improvement in Malawi, or in the challenges facing the hospital, but rather an intensifying of the same problems. The economy continues to deteriorate with the Malawi Kwacha now exchanging at almost 700 to the dollar (it was 430 in June, 560 in October). So inflation is crippling the local rural population. There has been no movement on the Service Level Agreement (SLA),meaning no payment of what Nkhoma is owed, no new agreement, and no indication there will be one in the future. There are starting to be reports of maternal deaths in the village as women are going back to home deliveries to avoid the cost of care. Also, due to lack of funding Nkhoma has been unable to provide more than a fraction of spraying for malaria control that was done over the past 5 years. This means malaria will be a much bigger problem this year. Hunger is now an issue as the previous harvest was poor. People have planted, but rains have been sporadic. The hospital was able to stock pile food and has now started to feed all patients. Some of my diabetic patients are out of control with their sugars as they are down to one meal per day.

Here are some Malawi media headlines over the last month:

Zomba Hospital phases out malnutrition ward” (due to lack of staff not lack of need)

“Drugs worth K5Bn stolen yearly in Malawi Hospitals” (K5Bn is about $10 million, and the hospitals referred to are government hospitals)

“Malawi Government suspends 60 Ministry of Health workers” (over fraudulent allowance and fuel claims)

“Malawi Hospital financial chaos continues” (again referring to government hospitals)

“Malawi Government owes Church Hospitals K400M (about $800,000 of which over $40,000 is owed to Nkhoma)

In the midst of all of this, Nkhoma Hospital must be the place where things are different, where people are served “With Love and Care" as our hospital motto states, and where people experience the healing power and love of Christ through our staff and the care patients receive here. Please continue to pray that God will empower us to be able to do this, that he will provide the resources, the wisdom, the faithfulness and compassion necessary. Also pray that we will be able to trust in our Lord’s provision, and be able to prioritize what needs to be addressed and how to go about it in a way that will empower our staff to meet the challenges.


David and Rebecca

Nkhoma Hospital


121 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4YN

T; +44 (0)131 225 5722 E: world@churchofscotland.org_uk

Scottish Charity Number: SCO11353