Monthly Communion

Within the Church of Scotland there is a wide variety of practise surrounding the celebration of communion.


In Udny Green and Pitmedden our services are held twice a year and are a wonderful coming together of our membership and of course visitors to remember our Saviourís life, death and resurrection. We all value these special occasions a great deal and they provide markers in our year that allow our elders to keep contact with those people in their districts. We will continue to support these special services.

However, it is clear to me that having only two occasions to celebrate this very special feast limits the possibilities for people to attend. One of the Church of Scotlandís founders, the French lawyer Jean Calvin was a great exponent of frequent communion and so in line with his thoughts on the matter we celebrate, in addition to our current services, a monthly communion, on the last Sunday of every month in Pitmedden Church.

The service is at 9am, allowing those who are unable for some reason to attend the main service at 10am or who simply would relish the chance to get together for a short celebration of this type. The form will be relaxed and all will be made welcome. The service consists of a Bible reading, prayers and communion and will last around 20 minutes, giving plenty of time for a relaxing cup of tea or coffee and a chat before the morning service at 10am.